About Us

MDN Solutions specialises in quality Magento extensions that help you and your clients run a more efficient online business. Our extensions are focused on easy administration, customisations and integrations.

We stand for quality extensions that you can trust – we know the importance of best practice coding, intelligent functionality and easy administration. Renato Medina is the founder and a Magento Certified Developer himself, and he has been developing extensions since Magento version 1.5.x.

MDN Solutions is based in Australia and has a fast growing customer base of fellow Magento enthusiasts, developers and store owners. 




E-commerce and Magento Capabilites

  • Magento Enterprise Edition Development
  • Magento Design and User Experience (UX) Development
  • Custom Magento Development and Extensions
  • Magento Integration with ERPs, Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Systems, 3rd Party Solutions, Fulfilment Platforms
  • Deploying and Hosting Magento
  • Performance optimisation for Magento

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Extension Warranty

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Once you finish your checkout our extensions and their documentations are delivered straight into your Mailbox. Fast and simple. 
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About Renato Medina

Renato Medina lives in Melbourne, Australia. Certified as Magento Developer, Oracle CMDEV and CMDBA. He's been working as a PHP and MySQL Developer and since 2004, builting hundreds of solutions along the years. 

Currently, He enjoys to make awesome applications, to keep his blog, http://blog.mdnsolutions.com, where he writes about technologies he has been working with. And last but not least, he's developed most of the extensions you can find here in this website.

To all of you, from all of us at MDN Solutions: Thank you and Happy e-Commerce!